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In 1952 Paul Jodoin, the son of a family of growers in Rougemont settled on an orchard in Saint-Damase, an orchard which still belongs to the company today.

Over time, Paul and Monique (Lavoie), his wife, continued to expand their activities by buying orchard after orchard in the same region. In 1961, the couple built a refrigerated warehouse on the orchard in St.-Jean- Baptist. In 1974 the company Vergers Paul Jodoin Inc. officially came into existence. Paul Jodoin had been the operator and administrator since its founding until 1987.

It was in November 1987 that the three Jodoin brothers Pierre, François, and Sylvain bought all the shares in the company from their father. All of them had worked in the family business from five to ten years before taking possession in 1987.

To date, the company Vergers Paul Jodoin is still owned by the three Jodoin brothers. Today, the company has over 600 acres of land, a large cold storage and controlled atmosphere, a packaging and conditioner with modern electronic controller, a processing plant for juice and other products. The company hires sixty full-time staff and hundreds at the peak time in September.


Several steps, all as important as the others, are required to produce Tradition apple juice as well as our other basic apple juice...

To begin, all apples are picked by hand to give you the juiciest and best apples All apples are then washed and brushed. Only the most delicious apples are specially selected and sent to the pressing stage. After pressing only once, the juice is pasteurized and shortly maintained in an aseptic tank ready for bottling. Once all the recipes are ready, we proceed to the bottling stage. In a single day, we fill the bottles with juice that is from freshly pressed apples along with several other varieties of fresh juice. It is also at this stage that we conduct the analysis and control of the product quality. Each production is analyzed to ensure impeccable quality. That is the secret to making pure juice with no added sugar, a juice that gives you the full flavor of the apple in Quebec.