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A whole year at the orchard


The pruning of the trees begins in February and lasts in some cases until June. The trees located in areas protected from winter winds are selected first. As the main objective of this activity is to slow the growth of the tree to promote the growth of the fruit, only the strongest trees are pruned.

From the beginning of May (or as soon as the weather allows it), the planting of new trees begins. Ideally, this step must be completed before mid-June.


During the summer, in addition to the continus pruning of trees, other activities take place, such as cutting the grass, fertilizing and insect/pest control.

The month of August is the beginning of the early apple harvest. From this point, the harvest continuous until the end of the tardier varieties. Cutting the grass is done several times during the summer. Ideally, a cut is also made in early fall to help ease the harvest of the apples.


Autumn is devoted mainly to the harvest. Furthermore, it is during this period before the first frosts of autumn, that the ground is worked in preparation for planting new trees in the spring. In addition, maintenance of the drainage systems and other mechanical work is performed before the winter.


Trees enter a dormant state to cope with the extreme cold of winter in order to return strong for the following spring.