Looking to develop yourself by
working in a food industry company?

One that is growing and has a
dynamic work environment?

Vergers Paul Jodoin, it's more than an orchard!

In full growth!

What? Year-long work?

That's huge!

We pack and we bottle!

Wow, these machines!

Really, 300 products?

The environment in my environment!

Jonathan Lussier: Pressing and Recipe Supervisor

My passion at Vergers Jodoin is the environment. To give you an example, lately I was part of a team to incorporate recycling waste from the pressing and packing of fresh apples. The waste is now directed towards a plant in the region to be reused.

It makes me very proud to be involved and to participate in such an environmentally friendly project.

Innovation: I love it!

Sara Dion: Project and Quality Assurance Supervisor

What I like about Vergers Jodoin is the encouragement to push my limits, as much personally as professionally. Being passionate about continuous improvement myself, I have found my place to fully develop my potential, in an enjoyable work environment.

What I like most about my work is developing new trending juices, flavours, and products that will never cease to surprise and satisfy our clients.

The family atmosphere, it makes a difference!

Cindy Diamond (Quality Assurance Supervisor)

I have worked at the Orchards since 2014. What I noticed most when I started was the warm family spirit that everyone brings every day. There is not a day that I have not enjoyed working. This closeness with my colleagues gives me a lot of trust in my workplace and allows me to surpass my limits.

This company value makes me so proud because I can say that I’m truly a part of this beautiful company that values environment.


  • Accounting and Administration Technician: Our technicians have the duty to carry out accounting and administrative operations and to process payroll, allowing us to keep our financial information up to date.
  • Purchaser: Our purchasers are in charge of maintaining constant supply of raw materials, ingredients, and supplies necessary for the proper functioning of our operations.
  • Customer Service Clerk: Take orders, do follow-ups, and assure the clients’ satisfaction, these are the responsibilities of our customer service clerk.
  • HR Manager: From negotiating employment contracts to mobilization, our HR manager handles all files related to their field of activity, all while advising other managers and the directors in terms of HR.


  • Field Representative: To be in charge of introducing our products to the highest amount of potential clients in a given territory, that is the mission of the field representative!
  • Account Manager: Our account managers are in charge of negotiation and corporate partnership development with large chains as well as with our corporative client base.
  • Sales Supervisor: Supervising, overseeing, and training the representatives are the main roles of our sales supervisor, all while staying attentive to the needs of our clients and to business opportunities.

Quality R&D

  • Quality Control Technician: Our technicians are in charge of making sure our juices are always fresh and delicious by carrying out tests and analyses throughout production.
  • Quality Supervisor: While supervising the quality control technicians’ work, the quality supervisor assures the conformity of our products and procedures to all standards and regulations.


  • Labourer: Whether it be in the packing, pressing, bottling, or pasteurization department, general labourers do tasks which allow the production and packaging of our products.
  • Operator: Within all our departments, the operators operate our packing, bottling, or pasteurization equipment.
  • Forklift Operator: Our forklift operators handle totes and skids to ensure the continuous supply of the production lines, they stock inventory and handle the loading and unloading of tractor-trailers.
  • Supervisor: Our department supervisors ensure the overall progress of operations, all while maintaining a safe work space, quality products, and efficiency of operations.


  • Shipping-Yard Operator: Our yard operator ensures the tractor-trailers are in the right place for the forklift operators to be able to properly load and unload them.
  • Dispatch: Ensuring the logistics of our deliveries, that is the work of our dispatch.
  • Class 1 and 3 Truck Drivers: The role of our truck drivers is quite simple: Delivering our products across the country!


  • Industrial Mechanic: Our industrial mechanics ensure that our production lines work smoothly, both by prevention and intervention.
  • Electro-mechanical Technician: Our electro-mechanical technician ensures good function, proper repairs, and equipment maintenance by operating mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic activities.
  • General Maintenance: The overall maintenance of our plants has no secret for our general maintenance team. They do work to maintain and repair our buildings.
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